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The line features a floating running line and short 5ft clear intermediate tip. Low memory increased casting distance. I tried some hardcore braid last year in silver grey. DRAG, sloopy casting, sloppy wading. I like 832 but my experiment with their hi vis line was a bust. Jul 03, 2019 · The title for the strongest fishing line might be slightly contentious, as technically you could use steel cabling to catch a fish, but that wouldn’t be fair. P-Line’s leaders and lines are used throughout the world. But some people would rather you believe that the color or pattern of camouflage they make has the same appearance to a deer that it has to a human. ” Water Temp: N/A Water Clarity: Clear (4+ foot visibility) Report: Got to the lake late so the reaction bite was not happening at all,Fluke's and Jerkbait not one follow. Jul 04, 2016 · The Mariana Trench is the deepest part of the world's oceans located in the western Pacific Ocean, to the east of the Mariana Islands. Size and weight are really closely related. Mar 11, 2019 · Strike indicators spook fish on these waters so uses a hi-vis dry fly as an indicator with lightly weighted or unweighted nymph patterns and the top fly tied as a dropper (see tip #6). Darker have more contrast with the sky and are much more visible due to contrast. Please fill out the pdf document found below and mail in with your No lanterns! Lanterns spook fish. 5lbs and 1. Rod: 7′ 3 piece Medium Action Cabela’s Salt Striker spinning rod. The trust and assurance that I have makes me more confident and less stressed when fishing. Jan 23, 2020 · Learn what it takes to rock a bait back and forth, and specifically for the jigging rap, how to swim it in a circle. As a line designer, the issue of line colour can be separated into 2 areas of concern, performance and fish/human visibility. If you are into drifting floats, this is the line to buy; good quality, good strength, and the price is right. Hi-Vis lines, spook the fish or not? I have a few reels / rods rigged with neon green / yellow, i know that fishing clear water i can see the line pretty good. LEADER. You just can't reel fast enough. Aug 25, 2011 · But it also seems intuitively obvious that we wouldn’t want hi-vis anything in the vicinity of our terminal tackle—plugs, bait, whatever—that might spook line-shy fish. I was using our 76” Ultimate dry flyleader . Western Filament says that the TUF-LINE SuperCast is the longest casting and easiest handling superline that it has ever developed. Rio Fluoroflex 6lb breaking strain used level, straight through. The heavier rods allow him to snap the line free from the front of the planer board when a fish hits. A fish does'nt always grab your bait and run,that bite is clear. We fished in very clear water 6-8 foot visability and he outfished me 10-1. One of the biggest questions anglers have is whether fish can see line. It’s a delicate balancing act when deciding whether to give line or just haul on the fish. Jan 23, 2013 · Traditionally braided lines create a noisy telltale sound as the line moves through the rod guides. I fully intend to try it next time I respool braid on my spinning outfit, I will pair it . e. www. 5 line. No, the Hi-Vis yellow line won't spook fish. In situations where your line is over a log or timber the sound that braided lines generate can spook nearby fish. The Hi-Vis color helps detect those strikes you do not feel. 10 Introduction: When Fluorocarbon first arrived on the fishing scene it was touted as the ultimate advancement in fishing line. The qualities that a good- to high-quality mono, fluoro, and braid product have. A curly-q is created by wrapping hi-vis monofilament butt material around a dowel then heating it to set the line in a spring-like shape. But now that I’ve shifted to tenkara (OK, with a keiryu rod) to fish for carp in low light, I need to see the full line in order to estimate where my fly is vis-a-vis moving fish, estimate when I have a take, and — it happened last night — avoid snagging the southbound end of 10 lbs of northbound fish. 2 new UltraCast colors — aqua camo and inshore camo — and new Stealth Smooth 12 is woven from 12 PE fibers, available in hi-vis yellow, moss green and translucent. If you only fish by feel, you will miss fish. 25. Jul 10, 2015 · In situations where your line is over a log or a mangrove, the sound that braided lines generate can spook nearby fish. The fish weren't spooked by the line. The line can be fluorocarbon, monofilament, or some type of braided material in multiple colors. Select a line that is quiet and glides well, and enjoy longer casts too. You won't have any issue with catching fish. So, hi-vis mainline to a swivel, then clear (or low vis green maybe) leader line through a method feeder, then another swivel below the method feeder, down to the hair rig hook. Parachute midge patterns #20/22 are also hot surface flies for the sipping trout late morning. Hi all, I'm looking into spooling my reel up with braid, or possibly some high vis mono. Apr 18, 2006 · For dry line work l will not use braided loops, for many reasons. Not a good feeling with a fish of a lifetime. A stupid simple fly that puts fish in the net. 2,627 57. The wacky rig is probably  1 Nov 2017 “With the bright-colored lines, you will see bites that you may not feel, especially if the wind is blowing or a fish picks up the bait and moves  High visibility lines can be used in all applications. They both express the importance of the Hi Vis line. Anglers seem to be asking for and buying more and more of these lines that are more camouflaged, but does the color matter to the fish. oo for a 3100 yard spool of 4 lb test line. Recently the Crappie did't seem to mind it tied directly to a jig, but I was fishing down about 12 feet. Stuart Crofts Super Delicate furled leader Rather than spook the fish, the fly was simply sucked into the feeding fish’s mouth. Start Fishing for the Right Tackle It’s often been said that the act of fishing isn’t actually about catching a fish. Extremely abrasion resistant formula. . Leader Line – Sunline Super FC Sniper Fluorocarbon, 8lb. I'm not sure that is the primary reason for the hi-vis JDM nylon line, though. Stren "Super Braid" Hi-Vis Gold does not spook any fish and makes it easy to see. The theory that fish aren't spooked by line didn't play out. Started by flymoron in Basic Discussion. " The better to see the line, Bowman only uses 6-pound-test Hi-Vis Gold Stren monofilament. It casts well, does not have a lot of memory, and has a low price. ” While Barbara added, “It allows you to see the line go sideways much easier and faster than clear line. I bought a 6’6” 13 Fishing Defy 2 piece rod and a Daiwa 2500 Procyon reel with four pound line loaded on. What fish see is the shadow cast off from the line because light rays reflect off what it can not penertrate through. Anymore then natural debris blown in to the flow. A variety of Buzzers and nymphs. #18/16 BWO adults are also on the menu, I really believe in the quill wing ones I sell and use, check them out at the least. A #14 Parachute Adams is often a good choice, but light and water conditions might change that. It's actually a matter of if trout could see fly lines. Warranty Information. Was flat calm in Portiguez cove but when i got to the dam man it was like an ocean 3 foot swell's easy. When tying a knot on braided line you should wet the line first so that the line can slide over it's self as the knot is tightened. Large flies tend to be heavier for a couple of reasons. PowerPro Zero-Impact: PowerPro's ICAST 2014 "Best New Fishing Line" winner, Zero-Impact introduced anglers to a new concept called Termination Zone Technology that features knot-tying zones that are 50 percent stronger than the line designation. Since I do mostly jig fishing, being able to see a bite or slight twitch or stall in the line can be a big deal. These have a mix of the qualities of their monofilament and fluorocarbon parents. Oct 30, 2017 · By using this Hi-Vis yellow braid it’s easy to watch your line except in serious winds and this line watching puts extra bass in the boat. The second component of this triple threat setup is the line. Sounds like a winner! Instead of the top swivel you can use a line to line knot - I like the uni to uni or albright. Aug 29, 2011 · Pro angler, host of Facts of Fishing THE SHOW and Bassmaster MC Dave Mercer explains how watching your high vis line will help you get hooked up more often! Nov 27, 2017 · Available in moss-green, hi-vis yellow, and aqua green, 50- to 100-pound test. Skinny water calls for smaller flies – big heavy flies make a splash when they land and spook fish when the water’s shallow. It will be on this year; hopefully this weekend. This allows anglers to fish with supreme line control whilst ensuring the line does not spook wary fish. My struggles with spinning reel line selection have been well documented and to be honest, it took a while for me to warm up to the idea of using such bright-colored line. I love it. if the fish are being real finicky then you might have a problem with hivis line. The Oregonian's Bill Monroe!. Mar 05, 2017 · There are a few things to take into consideration when purchasing fishing line for Trout fishing strength, casting, memory, and visibility. Product Dimensions: 5. Gamma hi-vis mono and uses the same line, in clear, for his leaders. I'll use a small round cork (1 1/4") as a fixed float. Anglers will have the perfect line for any situation such as freshwater or saltwater, surf fishing, ice fishing, trout fishing or bass fishing. I use some hi-vis stuff in the gin-clear glacial waters up here and it doesn't seem to affect the fish any. I'm also one that thinks line color does not matter. I use a lot of multi color leadcore in trolling applications. Feb 21, 2011 #1 . An Introduction to Super Lines By Paul Crawford. I have yet to see a difference in catch rate when drift fishing with heavier lines. For lakes or wide rivers it would be fine, but for small streams I would highly recommend one of the hi-vis lines below. Most of my fishing has been done with top water lures and rattle traps using a spinning reel. Hi-Vis line is made for line watching techniques where seeing your line move is the way strikes are indicated. Good point, Tom… The guys using high vis use it for a reason. You can also get a 600 yard spool in the low-vis green if you are hunting deep sea. ifish. Some people believe that the Hi-vis float fishing mainline spooks fish and some don’t. I don’t see trout spook from it. A flyline and leader drifting natural does not spook the fish. So the question is, are carp line shy? Will they be scared off by the Hi-Vis mono I usually use for catfishing? For the setup I'm going for would you recommend braid or mono? Thanks Visibility does not seem to affect fish at all have never had it spook a fish yet. Neither will l use a loop to loop connection as that also causes problems. Weight – TrueSouth Custom Lures Finesse Drop Weight, 1/2 oz Enough about the travel, "On to the show stopper" you ask! Don't worry I'm getting to the goods but I have to lead you in a bit first. He fills his reels with 10-lb. First drop fish on 3lb's. However, there may be a way to have the best of both worlds! I use a large magic marker to mask the colour of the hi-vis braid. net > Ifish Fishing and Hunting > Ifish Community: hi vis line Total Score: 8. A 30-pound-plus fish that makes it around a barnacle-covered boulder is a lost bass. I want to feel and not rely on the bob. That is a myth that your old grandpappy Aug 29, 2019 · Summer Crappie Fishing Tactics – Knowing How Often to Fish a Productive Spot Phillips scouts for crappie often to have numerous places to take a party for some late summer crappie fishing. Mar 07, 2019 · “First, let’s talk about the line itself. I use a large black sharpie marker to mask the colour. Lengths 8', 10'6", 13', 16'. Date published: 2017-07-10 Rated 1 out of 5 by jackie88 from total disappointment I purchased this item last week and I decided to change my line again already! That's not a typo. Had fish out in blinding sunshine with the high vis stuff as well the odd time I do daylight. Just my observation. I haven't tried hi-vis in 2# yet. Rainbow trout are the most commonly stocked fish in the US waterways, but Brown, Brook, or Cutthroat trout are also found in most states. ect. Lengthen your leaders to ten feet here, 5X is a good tippet size. On beaver ponds, I fish ultralight, starting with a gold #500 or 501 SuperDuper. Look for a rod with a fast tip as this will help load up the fish before you set the hook. We take a look at the original designer of 100% fluorocarbon, Seaguar, and see if their invisible leader gives anglers that extra edge to land more fish. Yellow. Have been thinking of switching out to P-Line for my float rods, I've heard good things about that line. I have trouble keeping track of the line, especially with a fish on and the float under water. 5lbs, but will rarely grow over 5lbs. Best used on small/mid-sized streams and where longer casts aren't Furled leader with shorb loop hi vis butt and tippet ring Furled leader with shorb loop hi vis tip and tippet ring He is also working with Stuart to develop new tapers and using new materials including a new variant for ultra-light rods and longer tapers for those who prefer longer leaders. Use a hi-vis line and a light cone of 30 yards Nov 12, 2016 · Power Pro braided line – 30lb HIGH VIS. If I can find it in hi-vis, for bait fishing, I'll be using a 2# lo-vis fluoro leader. SuperCast with its smooth outer coating quietly glides through the rod guides allowing for longer distance and effortless casting. hi vis line Ifish Community. Tides are important to all saltwater anglers, but the surf fishermen study them intensely than most other groups of anglers. I feel hits with braid that might go undetected with mono line. Yeah, yeah this will be followed by a million "I use lanterns and I catch fish". I hope you enjoy the video This worked for a few years until i started fishing with a friend who had crappie fished for years. HLS Hi-Vis Steelhead Specific Fishing Line “Unbeatable Strength & Resilience!” HLS Hi-Vis Steelhead Specific Fishing Line is now available in 3 different diameters: ( 10 thou, 11 thou an d 12 thou. The Kenai river is very silty due to its glacial origins and the line diameter does not spook the fish as readily. If the line is going to spook a weary fish, the newer dark green braided fishing lines are almost as invisible as any Fluorocarbon or Monofilament line. Ultralight fishing is fishing with very light line (4 lb or less) and a very soft rod, making the fish fight very hard, even giving bigger fish the advantage over you. What Tide is Best for Surf Fishing. thanks flymoron. Many anglers would prefer the masking traits of green/brown braided line versus the blinding colour of hi-vis braid. - PowerPro braided Spectra fiber with Enhanced Body What does this mean? You can use a fluorocarbon leader, which will keep your line invisible close to your bait and the fish, and the Hi Vis Yellow coloring will allow you to see your line  1 Apr 2019 When it comes to fishing line (more specifically braid) do you have a I do fish hi -viz however for river jigging and slip-bobber setups (also with  Is the visibility to the fish a significant detriment that would outweigh benefits of the Hi Vis Yellow Power Pro line, and never noticed a difference in catching fish. Apr 19, 2019 · Line color, on the other hand, can add to the success of any presentation. Jan 28, 2020 · Main Line – Sunline SX1 Braided Line, Hi-Vis Yellow, 12lb. I don't like flouro so use shimano technium invisitec as a leader. will If you fish small brushy streams, you probably will not like this line. 5 ft, 13 ft, and 16ft) we are offering a size 3 or 4. I like an 11' or longer rod matched with a shimano 2500 series reel filled with 20-pound braided line. Hook – Gamakatsu Swivel Shot G-Finesse Drop Shot Hook, #1-1/0. Does anyone use hi-vis line? I got some hi-viz yellow #4, but I am afraid it will spook the fish. SuperCast by TUF-Line, is a fully encapsulated braid made for salt and freshwater, and is a product of the USA. This is a great pattern to throw when nothing is hatching or when caddis are popping off the water! We use them most frequently in our small streams and in low-light scenarios as the chartreuse deer hair makes this fly really pop on the water! I personally dislike hi vis indicators, as l know at times they will spook fish or draw the fishes attention to the indicator and not my fly. yak colour does not matter with fish seeing it,but i think a bightly coloured kayak can help with safety issues"best to be seen"flags poles are a great idea some of my fellow yakers over here use them,we get the odd mad person whizzing around some dont seem to care about yakkers but our main problem here is jet skis so as for colour bright is best!!my opinion anyway If you ever try Mr Crappie fishing line, you will never purchase any other brand for crappie fishing. You can see this line much better than most other fishing lines,and watching your line you can decect those soft,subtile bites that often go un-noticed. If I am drift fishing I use 30 pound Hi-vis yellow or green mono. This abrasion resistance also makes it great line when ice fishing for crappie. #N#Incredible Knot Strength. The curly-q is tied to the fly line before attaching your leader and tippet and offers many of the same benefits of floating strike indicators but with much less spook-factor. Dry dropper rigs using para midge or hi-vis para BWO or blue wing olive adult patterns #14-18 as an upper, while dropping a broken back zebra or tiger midge, assassin bird's nest, or crystal olive caddis/zebra larva pattern will get you into fish in the slots between the weeds. External Websites. Nov 21, 2011 · Nope, 10′ and less year round, and mostly with slow baits (worms and jigs). Rather, it’s about a quiet moment with nature and a chance to sit, think and relax, whether on your bass fishing boat or on the banks of a river. MikeF Senior Member. This article was most recently revised and updated by John P. Fluorocarbon and monofilament will come in both 200 and 600-yard spools ranging from 6 to 25-pound test. Can the fish see the line as well as us? I personally would tie direct myself, and I don't believe the hi-Vis yellow line will spook the fish any either. Fishing Equipment & Supplies. But in the end, we feel like a fixed length level line in Hi-Vis size 3 or 4 is the right way to go. His favorite color is white with a chartreuse tail. He rarely ties on a fluorocarbon leader and doesn’t worry about the line spooking fish. I have two setups I use -- Amago with 18' of 4. 64  When a fluorocarbon line is immersed in water, it blends in so well that it virtually disappears. Night fishing is a big deal on certain lakes around here in the summer, and those hi-vis blue lines glow like the dickens under a blacklight. This line is so visable you This line is great for float fishing. Stren hi-visibility gold looks great but I wonder if it will spook the fish. I don't see as well as I once did and want to try using a higher visibility line than clear mono to make it easier to tie knots. Catch rate seemed to be the same before and after it bleached out. Extra strength allows it to withstand aggressive strikes of big fish and ensure solid hooksets. Pros: Good knot strength; suitable for a wide range of Jan 24, 2018 · Visibility — Lastly, seeing the line is important to some anglers. And if I were to fish clear pools for very long, I’d probably keep that piece I'm not ready to give up my hi-viz main line yet. I'm curious how much that would help for working the lures. I recently picked up a baitcaster for using soft plastics/Texas rigging. holidays. I've liked DT's on several of my glass rods but just wanted to hear other opinions on this from the Yellow Fenwick glass owners. It is less than 10 cm (4 inches) in length and brownish in colour. I primarily do live bait fishing around bridges and docks and frequently freeline the bait so the high vis would help detect hits, but I usually catch a lot of snapper which I hear have fantastic eye sight. In addition to picking the length (10. Fly Line Weight 4 : This weight works just fine for panfish, too. Much easier with hi-vis line. It causes heavy line tip slap down and so on. 4 inches ; 0. Hi Vis line does not spook fish plus having the advantage of seeing the line jump far out weighs any spooking problem. LiveScience - Spookfish Have World's Strangest Eyes. I could not figure out what i was doin I would think a Hi Vis line would spook some fish. Hi vis for me. They are made from nylon and it sinks. I consider myself an old-school angler (some may just say I'm stubborn), but I finally broke down Jan 19, 2012 · Being able to follow that bright line until it gets to your bait is the key :-) OK, that might be going too far, but I almost always tie direct to start on a body of water until the fish show me otherwise. This color changing line is the perfect answer for the angler in search of a hi-vis line that won’t spook fish. Practice those and know what the bait does so you can pull the camera so it won’t spook walleyes later with fish on screen. The high-vis yellow color is great for anglers who watch   19 Jan 2018 We've compared different color monofilament and flourocarbon lines but today we wanted to compare braided lines. Line: 250 yards of 15 pound test / 4 pound diameter Power Pro in Hi Vis Yellow. It is around $7. It will impress you with the strength, limpness , and toughness. I started using the TenkaraBum hi-viz lines, but switched over to the new TUSA lines -- with 2 feet of the TenkaraBum at the end. I would like to eliminate my shot line. Without it, the slack line would result in his missing strikes using. I try to leave a slight bow in my line which allows me The Scientific Anglers Sonar Stillwater Emerger Tip Fly Line is the perfect line for fishing just under the surface film and offers great control with optimum stealth. Please understand that reels sent in under warranty take presedence. This is subject to change daily as reels arrive. These fish average between 0. But also works well for all but the largest of trout. Hi vis flurocarbon both catch fish same as nylon and dacron have and still do worldwide. Tippets from 2'-5' depending on desired depth of fly penetration or skittishness of fish. But I also keep it short. I am going to try a few Hi-Vis set up some for spinning and a few BC. I've gotten use to watching the line so much I am considering Hi Vis line for Bass also. In fact, I would argue that because the diameter of these braided lines are so much smaller, they are probably even more invisible to the fish than a higher test weight Fluoro or Mono line. You either get used to it (and watch the sighter or other colors built into a taper), or you choose a hi-vis butt section. So I DO care about the possibility that it could spook trout. However, he mentions he can return to these same crappie hot spots just about every day and catch crappie off the same sites he has previously. It is a fact that deer do not see the world as we see it. Rafferty, Editor. A few months ago Cory Schmidt, a marketing whiz at Traditions Media, called us hoping we would be willing to try out a new point-of-view camera that Aqua-Vu® wanted to debut at the 2014 ICAST event. ) As fluorocarbons and monofilaments are advancing, tensile strengths are increasing, while diameters are decreasing. That is why I'm like Steve and believe in Fluorocabon leaders that let light rays pass through and have less Dec 04, 2018 · Today, we do some Crappie Fishing in Clear water! I share my opinion on Hi-Vis (High Visibility) Line, and my favorite jigs and jig colors for clear water conditions. Transoptic changes from clear to gold in sunlight and overcast conditions. The tip has unique tapering and tungsten Mar 13, 2010 · My favorite summer steelhead setup is a jig and float. Jammer I also use the Vicious hi-vis line in bright lime green. It all started during a conversation with Karel from Tenkara on the Fly. I like TB Hi-Vis orange for one main reason: it is not as limp as some of the newer lines. Dec 31, 2017 · Most of my set-up are braid to leader and about 1/2 a dozen need new line. The line is front weighted to easily load a rod and to cope with typical saltwater winds, and has a medium-stiff core and a hard, tropical coating will not wilt in warmer conditions. RE: Hi Vis line Does it spook fish??? no particular reason other than being able to follow the lure pattern better and it looked different. I find it especially helpful on my tip-down rods when I wanted to know which way the fish took the bait. I am wondering if I should line this rod with a WF or a DT line. Aug 12, 2015 · I was just curious because I have recently returned to the freshwater game and was wondering if the hi-vis colors like yellow,lime green,white,orange,etc. This is the perfect time to catch the gamesters such as bluefish, bass (striped and channel bass), and Paired with a good quality fluorocarbon leader length you should have a very good line setup that will handle most situations and not spook too many fish. Then again, I don’t know how well fish, or particular species, perceive color under water. Hackney has always used 65-pound braid, regardless of the water clarity. We talk a lot about "Hi-vis" line in tenkara but this one really is a "Bi-vis" line because it's actually two colors. The barreleye ( Macropinna microstoma ), a spookfish of the Pacific, occurs along the North American coast. JapanRon has recently been nice enough to give me information on the availability of 2# fluoro and I'm planning to try and get some soon. Next post l will deal more with configurations of set up, and how to make the right presentations. My brother still runs hi-vis green and I usually always out fish him side by side. Here is a breakdown of the most popular colors of monofilament lines and the benefits of each. Over the years I've gone from 15/20 lb (Stren High Impact) , up to 25 lb test (Cabela's Tectan/DAM), and now to the 30 lb Stren catfish line. Check Price on Amazon. Trying to fathom a knot out to unpick it after dark was a bloody nightmare with that stuff. The following chart offers some key product details and specs for SuperCast braid: You just can't reel fast enough. It is designed to be invisible. He was using hi-vis yellow mr crappie 4 lb line. If an item you ordered from The Tackle Trap, Inc. Product details. The first two thirds are clear fluorocarbon while the last third is hi-vis fluorocarbon. I run 10# high vis on my reels, and 8# fluoro for all my leaders. I switched back over to ultra green and hi vis blue p-line and my catch ratio is back up. That a camo low vis line. Thanks JD, appreciate your response. Keep in mind that it’s not summer, and a fish’s metabolism is not at the same rate either. Fly Line Weight 1-3 : This weight is primarily for small fish - panfish, very small trout or, in somewhat rare circumstances, larger trout very tiny streams. Decided to try some 30 lb test this season. May 12, 2016 · Over the last 10-15 years I have watched fly line manufactures building more lines with earth tone colors or even clear and fewer hi-vis or bright colors. I've also used 3 part lines - with a short heavy hi-vis section at the lilian of maybe 5', a long clear section with markers usually with a line at max rated line for the rod long enough to get the desired total line Alternatively I’ll opt for a long Tenkara rod (13’ plus) teamed up with a hi-vis fluorocarbon line or Titanium line (plus short indicator) about 6’ shorter than the rod plus about 6’ of 5x tippet. Crappie Hi Vis line and a 1/8 or 1/16-ounce Crappie Thunder Roadrunner. If I answered ‘does line colour matter’ in relation to performance, I would say it is critical. Mucilin to make the tip of the fly line float high on the water acting as a take detector and sinkant to sink the leader and remove the shine or glint. This, they say, enables them to easily see a fish taking the lure as it sinks, and, they are certain that in the colder water the hi-vis. 07-06-2019 02:22 PM: ChapCat Sep 16, 2010 · Fly line: Shakespeare Hi Vis Glider Floater. 4 x 4. Reel: Penn Conquer 3000 Series spinning reel. The line shows high-density construction with non-absorbency, it sinks faster than monofilament of the same diameter. Designed specifically for small reel usage. test Hi Vis Yellow Power Pro Braid and a five foot Silver Thread Fluorocarbon 14 lb. Louie Stout is a Hall of Fame outdoors journalist who has worked as a senior writer for Basssmaster and BASS Times magazines for two decades, and in 2005, was inducted into the National Freshwater Hall of Fame as a “Legendary Communicator. Also I would bet. GREASE & SINKANT. Don't know if I'll have the confidence to do it, but let's see what the thinking on this is. With both set ups I will hold the indicator/line end just off the water whilst tracking the rod downstream, keeping the line just under tension. Wondering if any one fishes hi-viz without a shot line. So, we’re going to say that to qualify, the fishing line needs to widely available to the public. Got some 832 last year but I wasn't ready for new line at the time. We recommend always using   Blood Run Fishing Tackle Line Hooks Swivels Leader Floats Centerpin Fishing Reel Rods So, does a Hi-vis float fishing mainline actually spook fish? Yes  3 Oct 2017 Many of your bites will occur on the fall whenever you're finesse fishing, which makes them difficult to detect at times. 5 line, and Ayu with 18' of 3. FORWARD TO BOOK. Mar 15, 2013 · JEB’s Travel Spin Rig for Bonefish. test tippet. Sep 28, 2010 · When the line lays down, the fish has moved toward you and taken all the tension from the line. High visibility makes it easy to track the drift, but has not seemed to spook any fish that I have encountered. thinner diameter makes for longer casts and lures running true and deepabsolutely no line memory on my open face reels means more time fishing with tons less aggrevationhi vis yellow really easy to see and doesn't spook fish have caught hundreds of fish on same spool of line with NO issues . I do like to use hi-vis green Berkley fireline on my jig rod. I fish nothing but Izor, tried some others and keep going back. So broke out the old Anchovie's and ran to the dam to fish the trash rack's. SpiderWire® Stealth® Braid sports a hi-vis yellow color for maximum  PowerPro Braided Spectra Fiber Fishing Line Hi-Vis Yellow 300 Yds. Is just as a visable maybe more, to the fish as a bright high vis line. Sep 29, 2009 · He matches the rig with eight-pound test Mr. Feb 21, 2011 · color of braid affecting bites Discussion in 'Tackle and Rigging' started by MikeF, Feb 21, 2011. The 40G is very easy to cast, does not leave wax (used by some companies to give the line body) which wears off in the rod guides, does not set (coil) on the spinning reel, has wonderful knot strength and extremely sensitive. A little background, I primarily fish large live baits a lot around heavy cover. Jul 01, 2018 · Finally, fluorocarbon line will sink quickly and hold up to abrasions due to its high density. I've never really line-watched when musky fishing, but you might be on to The 40G is very easy to cast, does not leave wax (used by some companies to give the line body) which wears off in the rod guides, does not set (coil) on the spinning reel, has wonderful knot strength and extremely sensitive. 4 x 1. Lo-Vis line, somewhere in between can be good for line watching techniques like fishing a soft plastic worm Texas rigged as an example. Of the big four types of line, fluorocarbon line is definitely my top pick as the best fishing line for crappie. If the water is slow, flat, and shallow — the kind of place where the splat of a hopper might spook the fish — choose a smaller but still visible fly to pair with the ant. Feb 20, 2020 · Does hi-vis line spook the fish? Why don’t you ask the fish, what do I look like a f-in all knowing socialist? Best rod/reel setup? Whatever your wife lets you buy What time of day is best? Whenever your wife lets you out of your cage Will you catch fish in heavy boat traffic? No, those boats are just practicing how to float What depth to jig in? Nov 01, 2017 · However, if you subscribe to Greg Hackney’s braided line philosophy for flipping into thick grass, it likely would work there, as well. I'm trying to set up my current catfish rods to ALSO catch carp without having to restring everytime. Perhaps the major reason for hi-vis line is so you can see the flight of the lure and stop your cast when the lure is over your target. I not against those that fish the bob and in situations the bob can get your flies places that are next to impossible with tight lining. I’ve heard of people connecting a 3-9’ piece of 8-12lb mono or fluorocarbon leader to their Hi-Vis float fishing mainline, in which this is the piece of line (splice) they put their float on. We put white, blue, yellow,  4 Dec 2018 Today, we do some Crappie Fishing in Clear water! I share my opinion on Hi-Vis (High Visibility) Line, and my favorite jigs and jig colors for  How many of you use hi vis line for drift fishing and are confident it does not spook the fish? Do you do so no matter what the water conditions, or only when it   There are many situations where your hi-vis lines can prevent you from getting a bite because the fish can see your line more easily. Walking down the aisles of a tackle store, you will most likely encounter several different choices of fishing line. Red disappears at 15 to 30 feet of water. The first color that disappears as light penetrates water is red which explains why red fishing line is so effective. I came across this orange mono line at my local Dick's and I almost picked it up as my rod and reel are orange/black. He uses B’n’M Silver Cat Magnum rods and Abu Garcia Alphamar Line Counter reels. All of the above said, in most situations I've not noted a difference in hook up rates between several color of lines, and I've used both light and dark shades. It’s smoothness is unparalleled and it’s incredibly symmetrical, very round, and that’s where you get the smoothness from. Brunswick groups all tin brands together. I'm going to try some Hi Vis Vicious this spring on Bluegills and Redears. line does nothing to spook fish. but I use green suffix and catch fish as good or better than on mono. super power braid just an all around super product. line such as Clear Blue Stren or even a golden-colored super-high-vis. It is my favorite for that style of fishing Tenkara Bum orange Hi-Vis by: Tom Davis Tenkara Bum #3-3. How Game Animals See & Smell by Kurt von Besser ATSKO/SNO-SEAL Inc. Braid will come in green and hi-vis yellow in 150 and 600-yard spools ranging from 8 to 80-pound test. Jul 13, 2019 · New Tour Grade Line will be offered in fluorocarbon, braid and monofilament. Fish can prove to be wiley depending on pressure during the season. absolutely love the way it casts . UV light begins to filter out the farther down the water column it goes, causing this line to return to its clear color after a few feet of water depth. Reel Service - As of April 27th, 2020 - Our current lead time is 4-5 weeks from date of arrival in shop. Years ago I used Stren Hi Vis blue for bass fishing and we caught lots of bass. 5 (#4 if wind) Hi-Vis orange with 12 inches of 12 lb green Amnesia as a sighter. We’re also going to exclude leader lines. Peter Chadwell Illustration May 19, 2008 · Clear line works well in most all situations but it is hard to see for the angler. may issue either store credit or a refund MINUS our shipping charges to you even if your item(s) qualified for "free shipping. I will most likely purchase a Cortland Sylk or a Hook & Hackle line. I do use Gold Stren because it’s subtle, rather than a bright orange line or something. The line features a mid length front taper that casts typical redfish patterns, and allows for careful presentations so as not to spook wary Reds. ETHAN’S HI-VIS CADDIS. affect the fishing or spook them at all? I use nothing but hi-vis colors for all my saltwater applications but use a fairly long top shot. It causes the tip of the fly line to sink, that will spook fish at times. About 1600 yards of 6 lb test. Of course this line is thick, but if the theory is that high-vis line doesn't spook them, then a thicker line shouldn't either. All drifting very natural in the drift. Here, finally, is a line that will not spook fish, even in crystal clear  Its no stretch design enhances sensitivity so you can react faster to bites and structures. No, I really don’t have much worry about it at all. angler error). I figured if ANDE sells the stuff it must work, but there was pink, yellow and smoke. The hi vis likley does not stretch as much as fluro but with a finger on your line once you have set the hook you have set the hook. Super strong premium crappie line designed for small reel usage. The thin diameter helps you easily tie a solid knot both on your fishing hooks and the fluorocarbon Using a 10- to 25-yard camo or fluorocarbon top-shot or wind-on leader keeps the hi-vis line far enough away from the hook end to fool wary fish, so it’s the best of all possibilities - hi-vis where I can see it combined with no-vis where the fish can’t see it. !!!! "Worse day sport fishing, still better than the best day working" "Worse day sport fishing, still better than the best day working" Saltwater power pro hi-vis yellow If this is your first visit, we invite to register a user account. They swarmed in on the flutter of the spoon, and then jumped back. I have read a lot of threads, but cant get a feel for those that did it and want back. A couple of years ago, we looked at a revolution that hit the fishing industry, the introduction of "Super Lines". That would be a main out of a thicker, hi-vis line say 4' shorter than the rod and a 2' of tippet for the hook and shot end. I prefer tight line just like most spin guys. A hi-vis segment doesn’t help me There’s also copolymer or hybrid lines, which are a single strand of a blend of complementary resins or different materials. There are 3 basic types of lines to choose from which are monofilament, flourocarbon, and braided line. I never have a problem seeing the line in the hole or on the ice. Retail Hours: Closed Until Further Notice Phone Hours: Monday - Friday 8am - 4pm Sat - Sun Closed Retail is closed on all major U. I will dye my own yarn, in more natural shades, gray, olive, tan, etc. The trench is 1,580 miles (2,550 km) long but has an average This all-purpose premium line is available in clear fluorescent, moss green and hi-vis fluorescent green. Yes there are several reasons: Drag free drifts Effortless mending Total conection to fish during fight due to the lack of a drag system I've out fished a few buddys that were using spinning gear just because my drift was smoother and had no slack alowing me to drift farther down the slot at a natural speed wich resulted in me getting 2 hook ups to there 1 We also spook fish occasionally along the beach when the water is extremely clear -- generally when a bad cast puts the line over the pod of fish (i. Power Pro braided line is without a doubt my favorite line to use. Line visibility is a consideration as well, and the best blade anglers around want a high-vis. His favorite color is white Hours. The most productive period for surf fishing is the start of an incoming tide. " Nov 10, 2014 · I use a Loomis NRX 852C JWR rod and 5X1 Calcutta TE 50 GT reel spooled with 20 lb. I have fished the identical rod reel jig line color everything exactly the same with and without the fluoro leader multiple times and notice no difference in catch ratio. But a fish does have the cognitive power to see a line and say "that right there is a fly line". RE: Does High Vis line spook the fish????? Asking for advice The only folks I have spooled up with hi-vis line were boat owners with a tall flying bridge and/or tower that needed to be able to see their trolling lines, primarily while marlin fishing. I'm sure hi-vis colors wouldn't matter, especially if it were tied to a fluorocarbon leader. S. Aug 30, 2016 · The line is currently available in three colors; Ghost white, High-vis Neon Lime and Low-vis green and can be purchased in 150 yard and 300 yard lengths. The Tackle Trap, Inc. It’s my opinion that Seaguar Smackdown Braid—whether it’s Hi-Vis Green or Low-Vis Stealth Gray—is bar none the best casting line out there. 07-06-2019 10:18 PM: Salty Dog: I've used pink and high viz yellow. Aside from Rods, Reel, a Bulk Spool of your favorite 20lb hi-vis green monofilament, fishing kites, assorted tackle (hooks, weights, rigging kit, leader material, hi visibility corks), electric reels, and a boat to fish on -there’s not much else you need to go kite fishing off Miami! Nov 08, 2019 · The fluorocarbon’s light-refractive index is close to water, which makes the line literally invisible to fish in the water. This was primarily the new braided Spectra and Kevlar lines which represented one of the biggest advances in fishing since monofilament lines in the 50s. If you grew up fly fishing with a visible fly line, like most of us, then taking away that visibility and tracking might seem like a handicap. Second drop another one I fish a fly rod for trout and most the time I fish a two hand rod and swing streamers and/or nymphs. We'll see if they hit better with or without a flour leader. Additional Information. FLIES. Sufix Elite fishing line is a premium monofilament line specifically engineered for precision casting that dominates in every performance category. are the killers. Fishing further away does spook fewer fish, and I had kind of forgotten how surprisingly effective the long rod short line method is. I just read in the Hi-vis para BWO adults are good to use as an indicator on a dry/dropper bead head rig. If you look back to the days before the introduction of the hi-tech gel spun braided lines and fluorocarbon leaders when practically every fisho used nothing but mono line, we did catch fish and lots of them. Jim states, “You can see bites much better and it does not spook the fish. Membership is free but required in order to post to our forums, classifieds, reviews and photo gallery. ” I almost went fishless for a whole season. 5: Mar 4, 2012 Reply by David Dillman: When to use certain colors of lures. Mar 29, 2010 · But try finding Hi Vis line in mid western tackle shops…they’ll tell you that it will “spook” the fish…. Boundaries Piscifun braided line comes in tensile strengths from 6 lb to 150 lb. does not meet your expectations, you may return the unopened, unused item(s) within 14 days from the date of purchase. I have 4# test on four of my reels and then tied on 2# floro leaders. You will not be able to watch the line so that you can stop your cast before your lure goes into the bushes on the far bank. I told him that line would spook the fish in the clear reseivors we were fishing. This should also mean for stronger knots. A line that is invisible to fish will not spook your target and will make lures look more natural. Captain Dave said that many factors determine what type of line an angler chooses for a given fishing environment that include: breaking strength, knot strength, UV resistance With the longer line, I had a harder time keeping it all off the water, but I was fishing further away, and caught fish in places I’d never caught fish before. Sep 05, 2019 · New Spiderwire lines. Sufix exclusive J7 Micro Resin formula provides the perfect balance of superior strength and toughness with easy handling and casting. The size 3 line cast really well with the Sierra Rod and Sawtooth, as well as the mini rods. Designed for both fresh and saltwater anglers – and made in the USA – HeviCore is available in 6, 8, 10, 15, 20, 30, 50, 65 and 80 lb tests in 100, 125, 300 and 2,500 yard lengths in both green and hi-vis yellow. Upon receipt and inspection, the Tackle Trap, Inc. Mar 19, 2014 · The Line of choice for Jim and Barbara is the Hi Vis Viscous Line in either 6 lb or 8 lb. Does it matter or should I just stick to clear line? Bigger fish and deeper water dictate bigger flies. A braided loop to a 3wt line is not condusive. Our waters do stay stained, typically 1′-3′ visibility. Stren wins! Stren's 100% Fluorocarbon is a tough yet castable line with excellent sensitivity and knot strength. Oct 10, 2018 · High-visibility line is essential to determine what your next move is when playing out a big bass. Leader: 5-6 feet of 1x-0x Rio Flouro Flex Plus, tied to the line with a slim beauty knot Don't over think it. But, often the fish may pick up the bait and not move or may move toward you and the line will just go slack,or the line may just move sideways a little. So, I have tried most brands in an effort to find a fluorocarbon line that has all of the characteristics most of us look for in a quality line for the best price available. These fish tend to be line shy and temperamental on what they choose to eat - especially the non stocked ones. line. Oct 03, 2017 · <p>For the past several months, I've been hearing a lot about the benefits of using hi-vis braided line when finesse fishing. This type of fishing typically requires a longer leader / tippet section. does hi vis line spook fish

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